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When dealing with finer wrinkles and volumizing more delicated areas of the skin of the face, it’s paramount to use a high quality soft filler with excellent flowability will naturally fill in even the tiniest depressions of the skin the most naturally looking way possible. Enter Yvoire Classic Plus – a high quality lidocaine containing filler from Korea, made by LG Chem, the medical arm of the tech giant.

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On the surface of it, Yvoire Classic Plus filler could be mistaken for a run of the mill Korean HA gel for treatment of wrinkles and very fine skin lines. The general parameters are as expected:

  • HA based dermal filler
  • 22mg/ml Hyaluronic acid concentration
  • 3% Lidocaine for pain-free injection
  • Phospate buffer with 7.2 pH
  • Pre-filled 1ml syringe
  • Two included needles – 27 G x 1, 30 G

However, there is more than meets the eye. The Yvoire filler line is made utilizing an innovative and patented High Concentration Equalized (HICE) technology for cross-linking the HA gel, which increases its cross-linking ration much beyond what competitive products can offer.

Yvoire Classic Plus – satisfaction guaranteed

The end result is a reliable low-density filler, which can easily and painlessly be injected using the thin wall needles in the set. Not only will it allow doctors to fill and cover delicate lines and wrinkles for several month, including fine marionette lines, forehead (glabellar) lines and Crows feet, but also have a lasting positive effect in terms of skin rejuvenation and hydration. Hyaluronic acid is a vital part of natural skin hydration processed and as the gel of the Yvoire Classic Plus fillers dissolves into the skin, it will improve it’s moisture retention properties.

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