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Yvoire Contour Plus filler is the perfect injectable HA gel solution for doctors and patients that want a sculpting filler at a good price without any compromise in quality. Bearing the LG Chem logo, the subsidiary of the world renowned Korean tech behemoth, this facial contouring and sculpting filler is developed and manufactured using the latest technologies including HICE – an advanced method for hyaluronic acid molecule cross-linking, which helps to prolong the duration of the filler once injected into the face.

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    It’s vital to only use the best fillers, made from purified and sterilized Hyaluronic acid. Unlike the other fille sin the series, Yvoire Contour Plus is very dense and has the ideal texture to augment difficult areas like the cheekbones and the chin, while also being one of the best options to restore lost cheek volume.

    What parts of the face can be augmented?

    Yvoire Contour Plus is a very thick filler – it’s not particularly good of dealing with fine wrinkles or to augment the lips (unless combined with Yvoire Volume). However, this HA gel guarantees naturally looking results if applied to the:

    • Chine
    • Nose
    • Jawline
    • Cheekbones
    • Cheeks

    It is also an option worth considering when dealing with the most several forms of skin depressions and can do wonders then used to treat extremely deep nasolabial folds, for example. As noted, also an excellent solution to boost the naturally lost volume of the cheek to an indistinguishable extent, which goes when used for facial sculpting, too.

    How long does Yvoire Contour Plus last?

    The longevity of any Hyaluronic acid filler is dependent on many factors like environment and lifestyle, but also on the patient’s health and natural metabolism. That being said, for most people, Yvoire Contour Plus filler will bring about a year (sometimes longer) of facial feature augmentation.

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