BaGIC II Glass Ionomer Filling Material


BaGIC II is a glass ionomer filling material, which is radioopaque and releases fluoride for an anticariogenic effect . The dental material is very strong and is notable for its increased levels of abrasion resistance. Further, it shows high biocompatibility and strong bonding force against the teeth, plus reliable and sealability.

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    • Primary teeth restoring
    • Core build-up
    • Class III & V cavities restore
    • Limited Class I cavities restoration
    • Geriatric restoration
    • Atraumatic Restorative Treatment (ART) technique restoration
    • Sandwich Technique restoration procedures


    One of the main benefits to the BaGIC is the anticariogenic effect – a result of the fluoride release. The ionomer filling material has proper working time and sets fast, reducing the patient’s chair time. The dental material is quite strong and also – very biocompatible.

    In regard to its physical properties, its thermal expansion is similar to that of natural teeth. It has low solubility and does not shrink. Also, it has low erosion properties.

    BaGIC II BPA (Bisphenol A, including its derivatives) and HEMA Free.


    For powder liquid dispensing:

    1. The normal ration of powder to liquid is 2.3/1.0 grams, i.e. one level scoop of powder to one drop of liquid
    2. Ensure proper and accurate powder dispensing by tapping the bottle against your hand gently, but be sure to NOT shake or invert it
    3. The bottle with the liquid should be held vertically and only slightly squeezed, to avoid bubble formation
    4. Seal the bottle right after you finish using it; should some liquid drop on the discharge pot – wipe it using an alcohol soaked cotton


    1. Distribute some liquid and powder on the pad
    2. Separate the powder into two equal parts using a plastic spatula
    3. Take one part of the powder and mix it up with all of the liquid, mixing them for 10 seconds
    4. Add the rest of the powder and thoroughly mix with the liquid for 15 to 20 seconds


    1. Prepare the cavity
    2. Wash and dry (don’t desiccate); it’s recommended you use FineEtch or GIC cavity conditioner, to remove the smear layer away
    3. Mix the necessary amount of powder and liquid and apply using an appropriate tool (like a syringe); be sure to avoid bubble formation
    4. Form the contour and, if necessary, use a matrix, for the duration of the first two minutes while setting
    5. When the setting is complete, remove the matrix, instantly apply coconut oil, dental varnish or GIC coating materials

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