From advanced tooth whitening products and inexpensive restorative, preventive and impression materials to new-generation endodontic solutions and easy-to-use small dental equipment, Medisilk’s amazing catalog of professional dental products offers abundance rarely found in the world of online shopping. We offer dependable solutions in the field of dentistry by renowned brands such as Spident. With us, generous wholesale offers and moderate prices are a sure thing.

Our impressive range of top-notch dental products can keep dentists, endodontists, orthodontists, and many other dental professionals fully stocked on high-quality supplies, tools, and equipment. All of the items featured under this category on our online store were produced under strict quality control and comply with FDA, CE, ISO and other international standards and rules.

Here you can find pioneering restorative materials such as etching gels, filling materials, bonding agents and activators. We also distribute world-class dental composites which are remarkably patient-centered since they are tooth-colored, rather affordable and their quality and physical properties are not affected by dehydration. These superb resin-based composites are to be used in the treatment of a splinting loose tooth, cavity preparation, veneer repairs (ceramic and composite ones), pulp protection and more. This is the place where you can also purchase long-lasting filling materials. Glass ionomer fillings, for example, are among the latest innovations in this field of dentistry. They have a tooth-like appearance, eliminate the risk of future tooth decay and are easy to prepare.

No dental or orthodontic office would be complete without reliable cement materials. We offer them at a low price, enabling qualified professionals to deliver their patients with more effective cavity lining, tooth restoration, pulpal protection, etc. Trained endodontists, on the other hand, are free to order premium-quality paper points which are very absorbable. These products come in many different sizes and have undergone a thorough sterilization process to guarantee patient’s safety and the successful outcome of their treatment.

Since we keep a close look at the latest developments and product innovations in the sphere of dental medicine, we know that A-silicone impressions are currently among the best and most popular type of impression material. The production options we offer here aim at providing medical experts with astounding impression legibility, a viscosity versatility, and unmatched precision. For patients, these highly-rated dental products offer a conformable experience thanks to their pleasant aroma and color options and quick indwelling time.

You can count on Medisilk whenever you need to invest in new-generation dental equipment characterized by convenient, single-touch handling, guaranteed reliability, efficient design, and budget-friendly price. Such is the case with Focus Plus Curing Light – a cordless LED curing light device that delivers excellent polymerization of light cure filled resins. Also available on our online store is the most portable apex locator in the world – Viometer by Spident. It serves as an accurate root canal measuring tool and it weighs barely 100 grams.

These are just a few of the cutting-edge dental products which you can purchase through us. Make sure you carefully browse through our catalog to see what else is in store.

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