Dermalax is a successful brand of quality HA fillers developed by Across. It originates from South Korea but it is exported and distributed to numerous countries around the world thanks to trustworthy online retailers such as Medisilk. These optimized dermal filler injections offer durable wrinkle removal and natural-looking facial augmentation treatments that can include fast lip enhancement, nose and cheek reshaping and more.

Dermalax – leading HA filler brand

Hyalsense, Revigance… the Dermalax brand is known under a different name in the different markets on which it is currently being sold. But the quality it offers is always incredibly high and consistent. That is because the advanced skin rejuvenating products from this lineup were developed by Across – an experienced and award-winning Hugel company that has its own reliable filler injection trademark production process called Monophasic Blob Structure. Dermalax’ pure anti-aging solutions are all characterized by that same structure. With it, the implant gel has a firmer texture, low gel migration percentage and, at the same time, improved viscoelasticity. That is why a minimally invasive anti-wrinkle treatment with any of these impressive products delivers patients with exceptional effects longevity and significantly reduces the risk of overfilling. Trained plastic surgeons and qualified aesthetic dermatologists, on the other hand, have an easier time controlling the injection which enables them to provide the people that they treat with a more risk-free, balanced and swift injection procedure.

Preimum ingredient dermal fillers

Sterilized, non-animal Hyaluronic Acid is the main active ingredient in every one of the brand’s effective skin fillers. This is a biologically compatible substance that gradually dissolves in the soft tissue until it completely disappears. In other words, these remarkable cosmetic rejuvenation products provide only a temporary correction of wrinkles and facial contouring. Despite that, with Dermalax, the effects after the treatment remain visible for a full year or even longer than that. So, it can be said, that the duration that these cost-efficient dermal fillers offer is about 3 times greater compared to that of most other modern anti-aging solutions from this product category (which usually last for no more than 4 months).

Improved skin hydration and rejuvenation

The improved HA found in these fantastic skin rejuvenating solutions stimulates the synthesis of collagen and elastin in the dermis. These two proteins play a vital role in maintaining the skin smooth and well-hydrated. In addition to that, Hyaluronic Acid has a volumizing power. Therefore, when it is injected in one of the three main layers of the skin, it can immediately reduce the appearance of superficial, medium and severe wrinkles and folds among which are perioral and periorbital lines, nasolabial folds, worry lines and many more.  Dermalax’s first-class filler injections are also medical practitioners’ top product choice when are looking for a swift and risk-free way to correct eye bags and to deliver pain-free facial contouring that involves an affordable lip augmentation or non-surgical chin enhancement, to name a few.

A treatment involving the use of some of the top-notch HA fillers by Dermalax is guaranteed to be painless since the injectable gel features Lidocaine. Do not hesitate to order these new-generation anti-aging products from Medisilk.

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