Filorga Age Peel – 20ml + 5 towels of 4ml


Filorga Age Peel is revolutionary product with gel-like structure and regenerating action, which anti-aging effect replaces successfully the invasive and expensive peeling procedures and you enjoy refreshed and radiant skin. 

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What do you find in the box when you buy the product?
– 1 x 20 ml Age Peel containing hydroxy – acids (glycolic, lactic, malic, pyruvic, salicylic, azelaic)
– 5 x 4 ml towels 

Specifications and Usage of Filorga Age Peel:
Filorga Age Peel is an extremely suited product for adult patients, as it regenerates the skin in depth, improves its texture and smooths the complexion. The revolutionary skin resurfacer has a powerful effect, which requires its use only once a week, on well-cleaned skin, as follows:
Stage 1: Apply softening cream (with a papain enzyme) on the skin to smooth it out.
Stage 2: Apply the gel to your face, while avoiding delicate skin tissues in the eye contour area.
Stage 3: Allow the gel to work for 6 minutes, during which you may notice slight coloration – a sure sign that the procedure is being applied correctly.
Stage 4: Remove with a cotton swab and rinse with water. 

Post-therapeutic care after using Filorga Age Peel:
Do not expose to sunlight for 2 days after the procedure to prevent any side effects with the sun rays. 

Clinical trials conducted with 54 women show that after using the product for 3 weeks 81% of more regenerated skin , 77% more refined pores and 75% more regular tan were noticed.


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