Filorga Mesotherapist – 1 roller + 1 spray


Filorga Mesotherapist is a regenerative mesotherapeutic spray that improves the elasticity and density of the skin, making it naturally radiant and healthy. 

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Action and Effects of Filorga Mesotherapist:
The powerful stimulation of the skin cells, as a result of Filorga’s Mesotherapist action, is due to the combined use of the spray and roller. The roller stimulates microcirculation deep into the layers of the dermis, through its intelligent micro needle rotating head technology, while the spray solution rebuilds the skin deeply. 

What do you receive in the box?
– 1 x roller
– 1 x sterile spray solution, containing the NCTF patent. 

Why is Filorga Mesotherapist the exact product to correspond to your needs?
The Mesotherapist has anti-aging effect and makes the skin visibly younger, while increasing its strength, elasticity and density. The product regains the skin’s natural glow and stimulates cell regeneration in depth. The result is youth, health and beauty – for you and your most beautiful jewel – your skin.

How to use Filorga Mesotherapist for optimal results?
Filorga Mesotherapist has to be used for a period of 3 weeks, with optimal frequency once per every two days. Use in the night, before sleep. Apply the spray solution to clean skin on the entire face. Continue the procedure by gently pressing the skin with the roller to a slight redness – a sure sign that the treatment is performed properly. Finish with re-application of the solution, then apply your night cream.

What are the expected results when using Filorga Mesotherapist?
The results are visible within three weeks – your skin feels brighter at the first week, after two weeks it has visibly improved its elasticity and after three – you enjoy fully renewed, radiant and young skin. 

To avoid potential allergic reaction, first test the spray on a small part of the skin of your hand.

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