Filorga is a French company that has been providing specialized anti-ageing skin solutions for both medical experts and general consumers, for over 35 years now. The company is a leading provider of cutting-edge, non-surgical and effective solutions for treating skin issues using a combination of products and techniques, such as dermal fillers, photo-stimulation (LED), polyrevitalising injections (NCTF®), and glycolic peeling.

All Filorga products are first-class, developed by renowned experts in the fields of cosmetology, pharmacy, biology, etc. The company’s two ranges, medical and MEDI-COSMETIQUE, have a unique position as a leading cosmetics and aesthetic medicine market manufacturer. MEDI-COSMETIQUE range of cosmetic anti-ageing products for general consumers was launched in 2007. Until now, the company has launched 58 cosmetic products that aim to deliver clinically proven and optimized effectiveness in treating skin imperfections and enhancing general well-being. FILORGA MANUFACTURING is one of only seven medical laboratories to acquire facilities for producing injections based on hyaluronic acid in the world.

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