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The Plasma Fresh PRP Kit is a prime product, manufactured from the highest quality medical glass, using cutting edge tech. Pasmolifting is a type of therapy, in the line of the revolutionary Platelet Rich Plasma (i.e. plasma enriched by platelets) treatment, which is an innovative way to speed up tissue regeneration and fight inflammation and pain. Hormones and vitamins are extracted from blog plasma and then re-injected to stimulate the natural regeneration processes of the body. The kit utilizes a specially made vacuum tube, which prevents air contamination or cell loss.

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This PRP Pasmolifting kit is specifically fine tuned to be used for facial treatment. It allows for deep skin penetration with Platelet Rich Plasma, highly stimulation the production of collagen, for rejuvenated skin and more elasticity. Plasma Fresh PRP kit is best combined with laser therapy, for most notable effects, allowing to specifically target areas of the face for treatment with increased collagen production and cell formation.

The kit contains Sodium Citrate, which is an effective anti-coagulant, that will prevent the aggregation of platelets. Additionally, the product contains a Thixotropic gel, which separates the Supernatant. This PRP kit is completely pyrogen free. The package includes a sharp 23G needle for easier extraction.

Note: Plasma Fresh PRP Kit is classified as a Class II medical device, and as such, the plasma extracted with it can be either returned or injected back into the body.

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