Plasma Fresh is a leading brand that has gained international recognition for its well-crafted and highly innovative PRP kits – top-grade medical devices that are designed to be used during PRP procedures and other therapeutic or cosmetic treatments with platelet-rich plasma. The company’s all-in-one products sold by Medisilk have successfully found a wide application not just in the sphere of non-surgical skin rejuvenation but also in advanced autologous therapies for hair restoration, pain management, soft-tissue healing and more.

Plasma Fresh is among the best and most reliable US brands that specialize exclusively in the development and distribution of first-class PRP kits. Even though the incredibly effective treatments involving the use of plasma with a high concentration of platelets has been around for about half a century, the Class II medical devices by this company are seen like game-changers. That is because they have the power to extract a higher amount of platelet-rich plasma which is widely known for its impressive healing properties.

That special plasma is found in the patient’s own blood and in order to be extracted from the other make-up parts of the plasma (e.g. white blood cells, red blood cells, etc.), it needs to go through a special process that typically requires qualified medical practitioners to use several pieces of equipment to perform. With Plasma Fresh kits for PRP treatment, this procedure is greatly simplified and, at the same, time it is made much more effective. The kit contains everything necessary for the delivery of a pain-free, fast and easy autologous treatment with PRP. It features an exceptionally thin butterfly needle which does not leave scars and allows patients to enjoy a painless treatment. It can be used during the extraction phase of the therapy or after it when the plasma rich in platelets is injected back into the patient’s body. Also in the kit is a sturdy tube made from a premium quality medical class which is placed in the centrifugation machine.

Unlike most other similar medical products, those by Plasma Fresh come with Thixotropic gel and Sodium Citrate. The latter serves as an anticoagulant and it does not allow for the plasma to clump. The purpose of the Thixotropic gel is to speed up the process in which platelet-rich plasma is separated from other blood cells. The result – a more time-efficient and optimized treatment.

The trusted PRP kit by Plasma Fresh is designed to serve a universal purpose. This means that it can be applied during minimally invasive cosmetic rejuvenation procedures that aim at improving skin’s hydro balance, elasticity, and firmness and in that way to smoothen wrinkles and lines and reduce the appearance of other imperfections. Aside from that, plasma rich in platelets that has been extracted with this brand’s patient-friendly medical devices is also used in medical fields like urology and gynecology, dentistry, neurology, pain management, and even hair restoration. That is not only because of the all-around character of these exceptional kits but also because the healing properties of platelet-rich plasma can improve the way the body is functioning with just a quick, pain and hassle-free procedure. We, from Medisilk, will offer you ideal tools for that job.

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