PRP therapy is among the most innovative treatments for risk-free skin rejuvenation, pain management, hair restoration, soft-tissue injuries, and various other medical conditions and cosmetic problems. However, in order for a Platelet-Rich Plasma therapy to be effective, it needs to be performed with a certified PRP kit. We, from Medisilk, are happy to offer our customers an unmatched range of some of the world’s top Platelet-Rich Plasma kits and activators by international and reputable brands of the likes of Plasma Fresh and NeoGenesis.

Medical scientists and researchers first started working and studying the powers and benefits of PRP therapy in the 1970s. However, it wasn’t until the 1990s, that medical clinicians began to rely on the impressive healing properties of plasma with high platelet concentration to treat their patients. If you fast-forward to today, we will see that this new-generation solution has found an application in more than one medical fields – gynecology, neurology, dentistry, pain management, cosmetic rejuvenation… you name it!

The reason for the undeniable success and growing popularity of these advanced autologous blood therapies is that they are remarkably safe and effective. That is due to the fact that platelet-rich plasma is extracted from the patient’s own blood. Thanks to its composition that is rich in growth factors which stimulate the healing processes in the body, PRP can eliminate pain, speed up post-surgical recovery, stimulate hair growth and to quickly improve the texture of the skin and restore its hydrobalance. Because of the latter PRP therapies have turned into an excellent and inexpensive anti-aging and acne treatment solution.

The groundbreaking PRP kits we distribute can be used during nearly all kinds of procedures based on the natural qualities of plasma with high platelet concentration. In that sense, they can be used by dermatologists, plastic surgeons, dentists, as well as vets who want to apply risk-free autologous blood therapies on their patients. Most of the specially designed products we offer from this category have an all-in-one purpose. Such is the case with Plasma Fresh PRP Kit for skin PRP treatment which helps vetted clinicians not only to extract healing PRP from the blood but to also swiftly and safely inject it back into the patient’s body. The higher the quality of the kit, the greater the concentration of platelets will be in the collected plasma and the better the result of the given treatment will turn out to be.

With us, even premium-quality platelet-rich plasma kits are affordable. You can even purchase a combined PRP and PPP extraction set at a bargain price and use it to provide patients with a more thorough post-surgical treatment, a speedier inflammation and pain management solution. Many of the kits available on our website also contain sturdy medical glass vials, pyrogen-free needles, and useful anti-coagulant agents that further improve the effectiveness of the new-gen PRP therapy.

Most of the pioneering platelet-rich plasma extraction sets available here are categorized as Class II medical devices which guarantees and they offer nothing short of health-friendly and pain-free skin rejuvenation, skin tightening, injury recovery, etc.

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