GENESIS PRP Platelet Rich Plasma (15cc)


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Genesis RPR is a professional extraction kit, utilized in the revolutionary Platelet Rich Plasm therapy. RPR Therapy of treating inflammation, chronic pain and handling post operation recovery. Extracting the patient’s own blood with platelets, it can subsequently be used to treat and accelerate the recovery of various areas.

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Product features:

  • Monitor the extraction process easily – the PRP kit cylinder is transparent
  • Cell loss is avoided thanks to the special curved neck design
  • The user can extract PRP and PPP with one kit with a single usage of the centrifuge
  • The concentration of the platelets is very high – 12-13 times the norm
  • During PRP and PPP extraction, no needle is used
  • Depending on what the treatment is, volume of the Plasma can be set
  • Protection against air contamination; fully closed system
  • No need for extra experience of the user – novice friendly Platelet Rich Plasma set
  • The Genesis PRP is compatible with virtually all swing type centrifuges
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