Ellanse by Aqtis is a family of innovative solutions for natural and regenerative beauty, which is the company’s motto. Ellanse products are known for being highly effective, natural and different, reducing wrinkles, lines and other skin imperfections by stimulating natural collagen production. As we age, the amount of collagen in our skin reduces, which causes for it to lose elasticity, tightness and volume. Due to a lack of collagen and elastin, the ageing skin begins to sag, forming wrinkles, lines and depressions, which finally contribute to its tired and lifeless look.

Ellanse dermal filler products will restore and regenerate the collagen in the skin by stimulating dermis and epidermis to produce more of its own natural collagen. The products are made for a clinically safe treatment of aging skin and the effects are visible and long-lasting, but also gradual with varying duration. The final result is rejuvenated, revitalized and natural youthful appearance.

Ellanse may have been the first range of robust dermal fillers designed and produced by AQTIS Medical (a Sinclair company) but it is also its most famous and successful one. That is mainly due to two key factors: 1) the products’ PCL-based formula; 2) the groundbreaking STAT Technology on which they rely. The key active ingredients in these clinically tested skin fillers are PCL or Polycaprolactone and Carboxymethyl cellulose (CMC gel). That is why, these cutting-edge anti-wrinkle solutions offer all of the advantages delivered by HA fillers (high biocompatibility, full biodegradability, fast results, no harmful side effect, etc.). At the same time, however, they take this non-surgical cosmetic rejuvenation treatment one step farther by also increasing collagen production levels in the target areas that can, for example, include the chin, jawline, nose, temples, cheeks and the back of the hands.

These top-rated PCL soft-tissue fillers offer immediate results which are more durable compared to the longevity of the effects of their Hyaluronic Acid alternatives. With Ellanse, patients will enjoy their rejuvenated and enhanced look between 1 to up to 4 years. Therefore, while the solutions by this brand may seem to be pricier compared to other products from this category, they make an excellent money-saver in the long term because maintenance injection procedures can be scheduled not within weeks but within years from one another.

Apart from a painless wrinkle correction, Ellanse’s new-generation biorevitalizing filler injections have impressive lifting and volumizing properties. That is all thanks to the CMC gel in their composition – a safe substance that is also biodegradable.

The fantastic skin rejuvenating products by this brand are among the few such solutions on the modern market that can visibly reduce the appearance of medium to severe wrinkles and folds and to reshape, contour or enhance different areas of the face (lips, nose, jaw, etc.) without the risk of gel migration or overfilling. The experts at AQTIS Medical have skillfully improved the viscosity of these top-tier injectable gels so that patients receive natural-looking and balanced results.

Medisilk currently sells the entire range of professional-grade skin fillers by Ellanse. They are available in 0.5ml and 1ml prefilled disposable syringes.

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