HYAcorp by BioScience GmbH uses the most advanced cross-linked hyaluronic acid used in a number of medical fields for treating and reshaping specific skin areas of the face and body. A safe and biocompatible gel made from crosslinked hyaluronic acid of non-animal origin is aimed for face and body reshaping and restoring its natural and fresh look. The innovative technique I used to create viscous, smooth and homogeneous fillers that are easily injected and last for a long period of time.

HYAcorp advanced technology has developed a specially designed cross-linked hyaluronic acid gel has a characteristic of returning to the original viscosity after the pressure is no longer applied. This system is called ATT technique, advanced thixotropic technology. A lower or a higher crosslinking hyaluronic acid level used depends on the area to be treated. HYAcorp products can be used for plumping the lips, restoring cheekbones, reshaping buttocks and calves, filling in wrinkles and lines, and other.

The advanced body contouring fillers by HYAcorp include MLF1 and MLF2. They each have an effects longevity of a maximum of 8 months and, as their name implies it, they are exclusively used for the painless and low-risk enhancement and reshaping of small and big parts of the body respectively. For instance, MLF1 is an excellent choice for patients seeking to effectively reduce the appearance of veins and imperfection on the back of their hands or to undergo a swift calves contouring treatment. MLF2, on the other hand, is an ideal option for non-surgical buttocks enhancement. Both of these innovative filler injections contain sterilized Hyaluronic Acid of a non-animal origin which is why they are biologically compatible and safe.

HYAcorp’s highly-rated facial fillers range is also quite impressive. It consists of several potent and durable cosmetic rejuvenation products that focus on the removal of different aging signs varying from the reduction of shallow, moderate and deep lines and wrinkles to the natural-looking restoration of lost facial volume or minimally invasive facial contouring. They can be applied in various areas of the face – around the eyes, on the cheeks, jawline, etc. Among them is also HYAcorp Lips – a top-selling lip injection that immediately plumps lips, giving them are more balanced and aesthetically-appealing shape and size.

Almost every one of the reliable dermal fillers by this brand contains fully degradable HA with a high cross-linking ratio. That is why they can offer a longer-lasting yet an instant anti-aging treatment. The texture of their gel is soft and smooth but at the same time, it is also firm and strong. Bio-Science has intentionally crafted its new-gen skin rejuvenation products in this way to ensure that patients enjoy consistent yet balanced results.

The only top dermal filler by HYAcorp that contains non-cross linked HA is HYAcorp Fine which addresses superficial facial wrinkles such as perioral and periorbital lines. Because of that, it needs to have a more refined gel structure.

Medisilk’s clients have the incredible opportunity to easily purchase any one of the brand’s German-made skin fillers at a budget-friendly price. Do that and you will not be disappointed by the excellent quality of these products.

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