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Pioneering lip filler HYAcorp Lips is made of tested, purified and top-quality hyaluronic acid that has one-of-a-kind viscoelastic properties, allowing it to be equally dispersed into the treated area. It was specifically developed to be applied via injection into the lips and it quickly restores, revitalizes and contours this part of the face.

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    Reasons to choose HYAcorp Lips

    • Certified and tested
    • Made in Germany
    • Has an adaptable viscoelasticity
    • High purity level that is hard to match

    More beautiful lips with HYAcorp Lips

    No matter whether it comes to lip augmentation, lost volume restoration, rejuvenation or contouring, this state-of-the-art cosmetic product has no equal. It provides patients with the results they desire in an instant without them having to deal with pain. With its thixotropic hyaluronic acid molecules, the natural biodegradation process is effectively slowed down to ensure treatment effects that are impressively durable. The longevity of its effect tends to vary as it depends on a series of factors among which are the patient’s age, metabolism, lifestyle, diet, skin type, etc. Nevertheless, it guarantees results that last for months and not just for weeks.

    Who can use this exceptional absorbable skin implant?

    HYAcorp Lips makes an excellent skin filler option for patients who wish to improve the appearance of their lips by enhancing or restoring their volume, redefining their contour or by simply providing them with a refreshing and revitalizing boost without having to undergo a plastic surgery. Here it is important to note that only qualified and board-certified medical professionals can perform injection treatment with this product since it is formally classified as a medical device.

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