BioScience is a trustworthy and established pharmaceutical company that mainly specializes in the production of anti-aging products and medical devices. It has invested a considerable part of its profits in the research and improvement of new-generation Hyaluronic Acid fillers. Among them are outstanding brands such as HYAcorp and Genefill. Whether you are looking to buy some of BioScience’s high-performance body fillers or its first-class facial filler injections, Medisilk is just the place to be.

BioScience GmbH is based in Germany and it was established nearly two decades ago by hard-working medical expert Laeschke Klaus. One of the first fields in which the company started to work was the research and production of various medical solutions that contained the valuable biopolymer Hyaluronic Acid. As a substance that is naturally found in the human body and which has remarkable filling, lifting, and moisturizing powers, it proved to be exceptionally safe when used for the treatment of people. Dr. Klaus developed several high-quality HA products that could be successfully used during dental, urological and various other therapeutic medical procedures. But it wasn’t until 2006 when the company finally launched its very own and very first line of groundbreaking HA skin fillers – HYAcorp. Not long after that, it released another range of innovative skin fillers called Genefill. Today, both of these brands have been recognized by vetted plastic surgeons for their fantastic durability and cutting-edge formulas. Each of these ranges features highly purified Hyaluronic Acid that is of a non-animal origin. Instead, it was produced through a new process called biofermantation. Because of that, all of the reliable anti-aging products of the company are extremely health and patient-friendly. They do not cause side effects and are entirely dissolved in the skin.

Something quite remarkable about BioScience’s superb HA filler injections is that although they have undergone a double cross-linking process (thus their incredible effects longevity), the amount of BDDE residue in their composition is barely traceable. That further contributes to the reduced risk of adverse effects. To top it all, the company has used its proprietary Advanced Thixotropic Technology or ATT to optimize its long-lasting cosmetic rejuvenation products. ATT changes part of the structure of the Hyaluronic Acid implant gel so that its viscosity rate decreases during injection for a smoother, easier and painless procedure and after that it goes back to its normal rate, providing a visible volumizing and lifting effect.

From the low-risk correction of shallow and medium lines and wrinkles (perioral and periorbital lines, forehead wrinkles, etc.) to the safe removal of deep and severe folds, non-surgical lip enhancement, facial contouring or defect treatment – the state-of-the-art facial fillers manufactured by this company address almost all signs of aging along with a few aesthetic concerns.

The cutting-edge body fillers designed by BioScience, on the other hand, exclusively target small and big body parts and can be applied during minimally invasive hand rejuvenation or calves reshaping treatments, as well as for the time-efficient augmentation of buttocks and more.

Take a look at Medisilk’s rich catalog to see what else this seasoned company has in store for you.

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