HYAcorp Body Contouring MLF2 (1x10ml) – ex MACROLANE VRF 30 (1 x 10ml)


HYAcorp MLF2 is a high – quality pure, hyaluronic based dermal filler of non – animal origin, designed to restore body volume loss and contour body surfaces.

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HYAcorp MLF2 is produced by BioScience GmbH and is a perfect choice for reshaping buttocks and calves, as well as for correction of concave deformities. This absorbable skin implant contains pure hyaluronic acid of high – quality and non – animal origin and its unique composition gives the patients maximum results when in comes to body reshaping and contouring.

Box content:

1x10ml HYAcorp MLF2

Composition of 1ml HYAcorp MLF2:

  • Hyaluronic acid: 2.0 mg
  • Hyaluronic acid cross-linked: 20.0 mg
  • Sodium chloride: 6.9 mg
  • Water for injection ad: 1.0 ml

Application and expected results:

HYAcorp MLF2 by BioScience GmbH can be injected in different skin depth, depending on the chosen site for treatment. The duration of the effect can vary, but the effects usually last for 6 to 8 months, depending on the person’s age, lifestyle and the chosen technique for application by the medical specialist. Please, note that factors such as stress and smoking can affect the results and duration of the product.

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Syringes – 1 x 10ml

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