There is only one company in the world that is responsible for the production of 80% of all placenta-based health and beauty products and that company is called JBP. Japan Bio Product is also a leading and widely recommended brand when it comes to top-range medical equipment such as FDA-approved cannulas. Medisilk offers both categories of products at a fair price and with swift international shipping.

JBP was established in the mid-1950s. During the 65 years (and counting) for which it has been existing, this reputable Japanese brand has managed to transform the world of cosmetic and therapeutic medicine. It is responsible for the existence of the only professional-grade cannulas that were developed through a groundbreaking production method trademarked under the name Micro-Polishing Technology. Thanks to that fact alone, these superb pieces of medical equipment are characterized by their unprecedentedly thin walls and impressive sharpness. The special cannulas by Japan Bio Products are also made of first-class stainless steel which means that they are remarkably durable and strong. Skilled aesthetic dermatologists, board-certified cosmetic surgeons and other qualified medical practitioners from all corners of the world have chosen to rely on these unique products to deliver their patients with a painless, fast and risk-free medical treatments and durable anti-aging therapies (e.g. HA-based skin filler and mesotherapy injections). Because of the high quality and exceptional properties of the brand’s equipment, patients have been completely spared from downtimes, adverse effects, pain, and discomfort which are typically experienced during or after an injection session. Even lip augmentation and contouring will not lead to unwanted results such as overfilling, bruising, swelling, redness or tenderness because, with JBP’s modern cannulas, medical clinicians have better control over the injection and thus are able to deliver greater accuracy than ever before. And the thin-walled structure barely leaves any traces or damages on the skin.

The most advanced placenta products on the market are also part of JBP’s wide range. Japan Bio Products has developed several new-generation methods through which it extracts non-animal placenta. That process is done in 100% accordance with health and quality regulations and standards. The extracted raw materials are completely biocompatible and can be used for the treatment of liver disorder and even as a form of affordable anti-aging mesotherapy. That is because placenta is rich in Growth Factors that boost skin’s health and reduce some of the signs associated with the natural aging process such as fine and moderate lines and wrinkles.

Every one of JBP’s cutting-edge cosmetic and health products is rigorously tested for TB, STD, hepatitis, HIV, bacteria, etc. before it hits the shelves. Therefore, patients’ safety is guaranteed and so are the excellent results of their treatment.

Japan Bio Products is a very successful and famous brand which is why the market has been flooded by many counterfeit products bearing the company’s logo. To enjoy the original quality of JBP’s outstanding health and cosmetic solutions, order them from Medisilk. We distribute authentic products that have all the necessary markings, quality and safety certificates.

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