Top quality medical products need to be safe and effective. We, from Medisilk, are well-aware of that fact which is why we have a selection of innovative medical solutions the use of which is associated with excellent treatment results and minimal or even no side effects. Our website is a one-stop shop for reliable anaesthetics and cost-efficient injectables produced by established brands and companies among which are Switzerland’s very own Biotech Healthcare Group.

The first thing people notice about the professional medical products available on our online store is their exceptionally low price. We manage to offer affordable high-class solutions because we work with patient-focused and budget-friendly manufacturers and biopharmaceutical companies that strive to provide everyone with an outstanding price-performance ratio. For instance, we sell trusted injectables from Biotech Healthcare Group’s Optivisc range. Although this fantastic product lineup features world-class viscosupplements that contain purified Hyaluronic Acid of the highest possible quality, the end price is always reasonable. That makes Optivisc’s advanced intra-articular injections some of the most inexpensive solutions focusing on treating the symptoms of osteoarthritis (joint pain, limited joint movements, etc.). With an effects longevity of up to 12 months and health-friendly active ingredients such as biocompatible, non-animal Hyaluronic Acid and robust antioxidant Mannitol, adverse effects are definitely not on the menu.

The impressive choice of pioneering medical products available here focuses on providing patients with a result-oriented treatment that is free not only of side effects but also has eliminated factors such as extensive downtime, pain, and discomfort. Our professional-grade medical devices are made of premium quality and eco-friendly materials that ensure an easy to perform therapy for qualified medical clinicians and a stress-free treatment experience for patients. That is why they make an excellent non-surgical and non-pharmacologic alternative to more invasive and expensive procedures.

Durable anaesthetics are part of our new-generation medical products’ selection. The solutions we offer can be used to numb pain and other unpleasant sensations during a long list of therapeutic and cosmetic procedures such as chemical peeling, plastic surgery, filler and mesotherapy injections, body piercing and tattooing, laser hair removal and more. A really popular anaesthetic product we distribute is Insist Bio Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.’s pain soothing cream J-Cain Lidocaine Cream. Even though it was designed only for topical use, it contains enough lidocaine to quickly numb target treatment areas for at least an hour. This excellent medical product does not require any blood tests or injections since it is extremely easy to apply and safe to use.

Rest assured that all of the competitively priced medical devices and products we offer are of a known origin and were manufactured in complete accordance with global production standards. They are distributed in their original boxes and come with extensive instructions. These superb medical solutions also meet additional requirements because their packaging also features batch traceability details, product reference numbers, CE markings, and certificates of conformity. Therefore, do not hesitate to place your order today because Medisilk will provide you with the very best medical products and devices on the market.

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