Inexpensive anaesthetics that are safe for patients and effective at reducing or completely eliminating pain during cosmetic or medical procedures and treatments can be hard to find. Medisilk is one of those reliable online retailers and wholesale distributors that challenges this concept by offering world-class anaesthetic products at a reasonably inexpensive price.

We have some of the best and most patient-friendly anaesthetic solutions on the market. Among them are clinically tested topical anaesthetics. They are a type of local anaesthetic products and can be applied prior to a vast range of medical and cosmetic treatments such as chemical peeling, body piercing, laser hair removal, tattooing and even before certain types of plastic surgery procedures. They work by numbing the pain receptors of the patients and that leads to a pain-free treatment experience.

Risk-free topical anaesthetics have many advantages. First and foremost, they are easy to apply as they do not require injection and their numbing action kicks in in a matter of just a couple of minutes and lasts for at least an hour (sometimes even up to 3-4 hours). Also, they do not lead to any unpleasant sensations for patients as they have a rather soothing effect on the target area.

Some of the safest numbing creams out there are those that contain lidocaine. Such is the case with J-Cain Lidocaine Cream. Developed and manufactured by Insist Bio Pharmaceutical and distributed by Medisilk, it effectively makes any skin peel, skin rejuvenating filler injection or other types of cosmetic treatments painless. It comes in several variations based on the product’s lidocaine percentage and it numbs pain for up to 90 minutes – more than enough time to get a new medium-sized tattoo, undergo a chemical peel or enjoy a standard laser hair removal therapy.

Compared to full anesthesia, the use of lidocaine-based topical anaesthetics is associated with almost no adverse effects and risks. Usually, if such occur, they are limited only to numbness and harmless skin irritation sensations – two symptoms that subside and completely disappear in a matter of several hours.

Professional-grade topical anaesthetic products are offered in many different forms – from gels, lotions and creams to spays and skin patches. Most of them can be applied to various parts of the body which makes them quite multifunctional. Their impressive pain-relieving effects can be taken up a notch when the treated skin is bandaged or exposed to mild amounts of heat. Nevertheless, medical clinicians are not recommended to apply Lidocaine-infused topical anaesthetics on skin that has an open wound, blisters or burns because that may lead to irritations, redness, and swelling. Aside from this, however, that is one of the most risk-free ways to numb the pain which patients feel during many cosmetic and medical procedures of a minimally invasive, invasive or surgical nature.

Feel free to order J-Caine Lidocaine Cream or any other state-of-the-art anaesthetic solution from Medisilk’s online store. We work only with licensed and world-renown manufacturers and deliver products in their original packaging and the lowest price possible.

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