Kabelline is a popular brand of new-generation fat dissolving products that rely on one-of-a-kind formula and Deoxycholic Acid to effectively and quickly burn and reduce fat deposits in different areas of the body. Since this form of advanced lipolytic treatment is applied via injections, it is particularly effective when it comes to the melting of lipids and fat cells that are hard to get rid of through exercise, dieting or even cosmetic surgery. To buy those solutions at a fair price, rely on Medisilk.

NeoGenesis is a notable South Korean biopharmaceutical company that has developed a number of impressive medical and cosmetic solutions. Kabelline is certainly among them. Since NeoGenesis specializes in research and development focusing mainly on autologous cell therapies and stem cell treatments, it has used its vast knowledge and expertise in this sphere to craft this patient-friendly fat melting serum. Similar to other quality fat resolving injections, the ones by this brand contain Deoxycholic Acid or DA as their main active ingredient. This is a non-toxic substance that does not trigger harmful or long-lasting side effects. That is because it is classified as a bile acid which is freely produced by the human body. Therefore, DA is fully absorbed by the patient’s organism and it is 100% biologically compatible. The FDA has approved the use of this special acid and it is even viewed as an all-natural ingredient.

While Kabelline’s advanced fat-dissolving products may contain an ingredient that is commonly found in other slimming serums of this class, it has one more trick up its sleeve which gives it a huge advantage – its New Face formula by NeoGenesis. Thanks to it, this anti-obesity injectable is able to deliver a double fat-melting effect. On one hand, its DA-based composition shrinks and eliminates fat cells in the targeted treatment area. On the other, the proprietary New Face formula leads to a process called Hypotonic lipodissolution. This means the water absorption functions of the lipids increases and that further speeds up and boosts the fat burning effects of the product.

The homeopathic nature of the top-grade lipo injections by Kabelline is the reason why they can easily be combined with other weight loss solutions, including with dieting, physical exercises, as well as with liposuction. Still, in many ways, this superb fat-dissolving injection can be much more effective in dealing with stubborn fat deposits than any of the traditional slimming options. It can be directly injected into the problem areas to provide patients with non-surgical facial and body contouring or to correct problems such as double chin, abdomen fat, love handles, muffin edges and more. What is more, this premium-quality fat-dissolving product can also be used as an anti-cellulite mesotherapy. A typical treatment with Kabelline-branded injectables consists of 6 injection sessions each of which is carried out within a period of 4 to 7 days. With every visit to the doctor’s office, patients will notice an improvement. The end results are durable and the treatment itself is painless and takes about 20-30 minutes. It will take you no more than a minute to order this optimized lipo injection from Medisilk’s website.

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