Perfectha’s all-around anti-aging cosmetic solutions have been recognized for their top quality and versatility. This brand features clinically tested skin rejuvenating products for topical use (e.g. skincare cream and serums) and advanced Hyaluronic Acid fillers that eliminate wrinkles, deliver instant facial contouring and balanced enhancement of lips, chin, cheeks and more. This is the name you should remember if you are seeking for a custom-tailored anti-aging treatment and Medisilk is the place from where you can get it.

Perfectha’s Skinprovement range features first-tier anti-aging products for topical use among which are its Anti-Wrinkle 5HA intensive cream and its Perfectha Perfect Eye Contour. These innovative cosmetic rejuvenation solutions contain purified HA, vitamins, plant extracts and many other biocompatible and non-toxic ingredients which have the power to correct fine lines and micro-wrinkles after continuous use. They have all been dermatologically tested and are 100% free of parabens which makes them extremely safe even for people who have sensitive skin or are hypersensitive to most professional-grade cosmetic products on the market.

Aside from topical skincare products, Perfectha features a remarkable range of HA-based skin fillers. Each of them targets different aesthetic problems and signs of aging. Perfectha Derm, for instance, is designed to address and to immediately correct mid to deep wrinkles and folds like oral commissures, glabellar lines, and nasolabial folds, whereas Perfectha Fine Lines offers excellent results in the reduction of fine facial lines. Also, part of this groundbreaking line-up are low-risk volumizing dermal fillers that restore lost volume in the face and can effectively contour and augment different areas of the face such as the cheeks, chin, lips or the nose.

The unusual thing about the durable soft-tissue fillers by this brand is that nearly all of them are based on cross-linked HA with a concentration of 20mg/ml. So how can these reliable anti-aging products deliver personalized treatments if they contain the same amount of Hyaluronic Acid? The answer is quite simple! Instead of relying on HA concentration to remove wrinkles and restore facial volume, Perfectha’s leading filler injections rely on the size of the HA gel particles. Simply said, every product in this range has a tailored gel particle size depending on the type of results it is designed to deliver (varying from 2,000 to up to 180,000 particles/ml). This is better-known as E-BRID Technology – a cutting-edge manufacturing method developed by Laboratoire ObvieLine, a France-based laboratory which crafts many of Sinclair Pharma’s top products. It is again thanks to this laboratory’s expertize and premium-range equipment that every optimized skin filler by this brand contains an exceptionally low percentage of BDDE residue and is certified as a Class III medical device.

The pioneering cosmetic products by Perfectha offer an easy, affordable and painless shortcut to perfect and youthful skin. We, from Medisilk, add fast international shipping and bargain wholesale prices to that. Make the most of this package deal and place your order now. The products are 100% authentic and they are delivered sealed in their original boxes to offer results as intended by the manufacturer.

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