The entire Revolax line of dermal fillers represents the full advantages of Hyaluronic Acid based skin treatment products. Based on a special cross-linked Hyaluronic Acid technology (non-animal origin), these dermal fillers are extremely versatile products. While bearing an affordable price, each of these beauty solutions from Across is up there with the best fillers on the market. It is equally appropriate for skin and lip injection. In fact, they are among the best and most preferred lip enhancement solutions. Further, Revolax fillers are an effective tool in hiding the signs of aging, removing wrinkles and fold, straightening out skin lines. Revolax Sub-Q, in particular, is also an effective solution for facial sculpting. They have an overall rejuvenating effect on the skin, improving elasticity, hydration and softness. The effects after injecting a Revolax skin/lip filler are long lasting and depending on the patients physiology can last from twelve to eighteen months.

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