The entire Revolax line of dermal fillers represents the full advantages of Hyaluronic Acid based skin treatment products. Based on a special cross-linked Hyaluronic Acid technology (non-animal origin), these dermal fillers are extremely versatile products. While bearing an affordable price, each of these beauty solutions from Across is up there with the best fillers on the market. It is equally appropriate for skin and lip injection. In fact, they are among the best and most preferred lip enhancement solutions. Further, Revolax fillers are an effective tool in hiding the signs of aging, removing wrinkles and fold, straightening out skin lines. Revolax Sub-Q, in particular, is also an effective solution for facial sculpting. They have an overall rejuvenating effect on the skin, improving elasticity, hydration and softness. The effects after injecting a Revolax skin/lip filler are long lasting and depending on the patients physiology can last from twelve to eighteen months.

Revolax is a successful brand of high-purity dermal fillers which proves that sometimes less is more. Although its line-up consists of a limited number of products, it still manages to offer an all-around anti-aging treatment. From significantly reducing the appearance of skin depressions and wrinkles to reshaping or enhancing lips, chin, cheeks or nose – this brand offers the full package of pioneering Hyaluronic Acid filler injections and we, from Medisilk, are licensed to distribute each of them.

One of the first signs which point to the premium quality of these professional-grade skin fillers is the fact that they are designed and produced by Across. If you know anything about aesthetic medicine, you will certainly be well aware of the fact that this reputable pharmaceutical company has released some of the fastest-selling and highly approved minimally invasive cosmetic rejuvenation products on the global market among which is also Dermalax. Even though not a decade has gone by since the launch of Revolax, the brand has already established itself as one of the dominant forces in the field of optimized soft-tissue fillers. That certainly has a lot to do with the unbeatable durability of its products. In some cases, one injection therapy can deliver excellent results by eliminating wrinkles and folds for over a year. This is not a hard task for these world-class filler injections since they contain optimized cross-linked Hyaluronic Acid and have a monophasic structure which is so stable that it considerably reduces the risk of gel migration.

Not long ago, Across expanded its Revolax range by adding lidocaine-infused dermal fillers to it. That is why patients can now enjoy a pain-free anti-aging treatment even when they are undergoing a non-surgical lip augmentation – a procedure which typically comes with a great deal of discomfort. This and the unmatched viscoelasticity of the implant gel in these products further contributes to a hassle-free treatment experience because it enables professional medical clinicians to easily inject the patient using reduced pressure and causing minimal tissue scarring.

Produced in 100% compliance with international manufacturing standards and regulations, Revolax’s trusted HA fillers are an inseparable part of Medisilk’s catalog. We offer these already affordable products at an even more affordable price.

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