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Revolax Fine ranks among the longest-lasting skin fillers that offer immediate correction of fine lines and wrinkles. Produced in compliance with international safety and quality standards, the texture and viscoelasticity of this trusted dermal filler have been optimized specifically for the treatment of delicate areas. Injection sessions that involve the use of this reliable skin rejuvenation product are pain-free because its formula features lidocaine.

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    Target areas that can be treated with Revolax Fine

    • Neck
    • Crow’s feet
    • Tear troughs
    • Forehead
    • Glabellar lines

    The injection procedure should always be performed by a trained medical professional with a 30G needle (two of which are featured in the box). The use of additional local anesthetics is not required since the product is lidocaine-infused which should make the treatment more comfortable and painless for patients.

    Top skin filler for fine line removal

    Just like most HA-based filler injectables that are designed to correct shallow wrinkles and lines, Revolax Fine is injected into the superficial layer of the skin. This usually means that the longevity of the treatment results is more limited because the greater the injection depth, the more durable the effects tend to be. That, however, is not the case with this new-generation skin rejuvenation product. It delivers instant results that are seen and felt between 12-18 months after just one session. This means the filler’s effect is close to it’s sculpting variation – Revolax Sub-Q. The impressive durability of this advanced soft-tissue filler is a result of its:

    • Monophasic structure
    • A highly cross-linked hyaluronic acid polymer composition
    • High viscoelasticity
    • Low phase angle percentage

    This is a single-use only medical device with a shelf life of 2 years.

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