Across is a dependable pharmaceutical company from South Korea and it is best-known for producing excellent quality medical products and devices. Over the years, it has enjoyed particular success with its top-notch dermal fillers. Among them is fast-selling brand Revolax which all clients of Medisilk can order at a cheap price. The injectable cosmetic products manufactured by this aesthetic medicine giant have long-lasting skin rejuvenating and anti-wrinkle properties.

In 2019, Across celebrated 10 years since its founding. During its first decade, this forward-thinking company achieved many successes and showed its rivals that patient-friendly HA fillers can have a very impressive half-life. 12 to 18 months – this is the effects longevity which some of its top-rated products are able to deliver. Just a few years ago, this was unheard of. Today, this ambitious company has made it the new standard. But what is its secret to this prolonged treatment result durability? Answer – a purified Hyaluronic Acid that combines regular and dense gel and has a monophasic structure. Thanks to this special technology, the non-surgical enhancement of cheeks, chin and lips and the minimally invasive correction and reshaping of nose and nasal bridge now remain visible for at least a year. This special feature of the company’s advanced skin fillers also ensures a smooth and quick injection process and help qualified plastic surgeons to evenly disperse the product under the skin for uniform and natural-looking facial sculpting results.

Versatility is yet another one of Across’ strong suits. Based in Chuncheon, South Korea, this experienced leader in the field of aesthetic medicine constantly expands the selection of anti-aging products it offers. Today, its extensive soft-tissue filler range Revolax features outstanding anti-wrinkle solutions that can be applied not only on the face (to quickly correct crow’s feet, nasolabial folds, glabellar lines, etc.) but they can also be easily injected into the décolleté and the neck to deliver risk-free neck wrinkle removal and overall skin rejuvenation and deep moisturization.

Sky-high patient satisfaction and Across always go together because: 1) the company’s products feature lidocaine which makes the treatment with them pain-free; 2) results are excellent, durable and balanced since the gel will not migrate after it has been injected under the skin; 3) the risk of adverse effects has been considerably minimized by the meticulously sterilized, non-animal Hyaluronic Acid in its professional-grade anti-wrinkle fillers; 4) no recovery time is required after the procedure allowing patients to get on with their day as per usual.

Last, but certainly not least, we cannot talk about Across without mentioning the premium-quality of its modern skin rejuvenating solutions. They are all produced in a high-tech, new-gen manufacturing facility and the raw materials used in their making are all carefully handpicked by the company itself. Its products are KFDA-approved and are available for purchase not only in South Korea but in numerous countries around the globe.

Medisilk is your top supplier of all things Across and Revolax. Rely on this renown company to say goodbye to wrinkles and lines of varying depth and to immediately correct and re-sculpt any zone of the face.

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