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Double chin, belly fat, bingo wings… GANA DA is a clinically tested fat-dissolving product that can quickly destroy fat cells and despots. It contains FDA-approved ingredients and it is suitable for adult patients of both genders. A weight loss treatment with it is safer and cheaper than liposuction and can be combined with dieting and exercise. Medisilk is among the leading online retailers to offer this masterpiece with swift international delivery.

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    How does GANA DA work?

    GANA R&D, the company behind GANA DA, has based its product on one key active ingredient – Deoxycholic acid (DA). This substance has found a wide application in various medical fields and its special superpower is to safely and effectively absorb and dissolve fat when it is applied via injection into the subcutaneous layer of the problem zones of the body. While this does not happen overnight but in a rather gradual manner, as results become apparent after the third injection sessions, patients enjoy durable fat-resolving effects. This type of treatment rarely leads to unwanted results. It works equally well on men and women. For safety reasons, this product must not be used on women who are pregnant or lactating, as well as on people who suffer from an autoimmune disorder or have a skin irritation around the injection sites.

    Target treatment areas

    GANA DA is a comprehensive fat-melding solution because it can be applied to different areas of the body. For patients who have low pain threshold, an anesthetic cream can be applied directly on the treatment zones prior injection.

    • Upper arms
    • Chin (for the correction of double chin)
    • Hips
    • Belly
    • Thighs

    We, from Medisilk, offer this one-of-a-kind product sealed, in its original package.

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