Galderma’s high-quality Hyaluronic Acid fillers Restylane are among the most popular non-surgical skin rejuvenating products in the world. Initially founded in the early 1980s, this patient-focused company has always had a soft spot for new-generation anti-aging products which is why it is now responsible for the existence of first-class skinboosters and safe skin fillers that can be purchased via Medisilk. With them, the correction of wrinkles and folds and facial contouring is swift and painless.

Throughout its remarkable and long history on the market which now spans over a period of nearly four decades, Galderma has dedicated half of this time to design and manufacture one of the most successful dermal filler brands in existence – Restylane. Initially, this line of reliable Hyaluronic Acid fillers was called Emervel and was launched in the early days of 2011 in key aesthetic medicine markets across the world such as Brazil, the United Kingdom Spain, Germany, Italy, and France. From the get-go, these innovative filler injections impressed qualified cosmetic surgeons and patients alike with the versatility they offered. The revolutionary anti-aging solutions from this brand can be applied via injection into different layers of the skin to instantly reduce fine superficial lines, medium wrinkles and deep to severe folds. They achieve that through the excellent filling, volumizing and lifting properties of the HA-based gel that is present in each of these purified cosmetic rejuvenation products. But those are not the only superpowers of Galderma’s well-received dermal fillers. The company has specifically developed some of its products to address one major age-related problem – facial volume loss. That enables vetted medical practitioners and aesthetic dermatologists to easily utilize the properties of these revolutionary injectables to provide their patients with long-lasting lip enhancement and contouring and the non-surgical augmentation of cheeks and chin or the reshaping of nose. Because of their versatile nature, the company’s groundbreaking soft-tissue fillers can be used for the treatment and correction of many different areas of the face (chin, around the mouth, cheeks, and cheekbones, around the eyes, lips, nose, forehead). As of the spring of 2018, the giant’s Restylane Lyft professional-grade dermal filler is FDA-approved for the minimally invasive correction of volume loss on the back of the hands for patients who are 21 or older.

Galderma’s health-friendly skinboosters, on the other hand, are milder in nature as they focus not so much on filling folds and contouring the face but rather on gradually smoothening the appearance of shallow lines by restoring skin’s hydro balance and improving its elasticity, firmness and overall appearance. By doing so, these powerful cosmetic rejuvenating products deliver an all-around anti-aging treatment that ensures remarkably natural effects.

If we have to examine Galderma’s market performance in numbers, we will get many impressive figures. As a start, its products are sold in over 100 countries. Also, the company’s low-risk skinboosters have so far been used in over 5 million treatments while its fast-selling skin filler injections were applied in more than 40 million anti-aging therapies. Medisilk may be one of the many licensed online retailers to distribute its excellent solutions but our prices are proven to be unmatched.

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