In the field of aesthetic medicine, affordability is often associated with a poor quality because developing outstanding cosmetic products typically requires sizable investments. But Genoss is a revolutionary company that has some of the most inexpensive dermal fillers and the quality they offer is unlike anything you have seen before – immediate, painless wrinkle removal, durable facial contouring, etc. With the help of Medisilk, you can get its premium-quality Monalisa filler injections at a bargain price.

The first time the world got to hear about Genoss was back in 2004 when news about its founding started spreading. From Day 1, this South Korean company successfully grabbed the attention of skilled plastic surgeons and aesthetic dermatologists from various parts of the globe with the unbeatable price-quality ratio of its advanced soft-tissue fillers. But how is it even possible for such top-range products to be so unapologetically cheap? Well, there are a few big factors behind the affordability of the Monalisa range. The first of them is Genoss’ ultimate goal and biggest ambition. Since its early days, this medical device and skin rejuvenation solution producer has voiced its desire to establish itself as the world’s top medical device manufacturer – a mission that cannot be achieved through sky-high prices.

The second factor influencing the reasonable cost of the pioneering skin fillers from the Monalisa line-up is the fact that Genoss is one of the few companies in this spheres that does not outsource the manufacturing of the syringes and needles for its own products. Thanks to this hands-on approach, this client-centered business not only keeps the price tags of its inventions at a low-cost level but it also further improves the overall quality of its top-performance anti-wrinkle products and the fast skin rejuvenating treatments they deliver. For instance, each box of Monalisa well-recommended Hyaluronic Acid filler comes in a prefilled single-use syringe crafted in the manufacturing facilities of the company. These special syringes are thoroughly sterilized and they are characterized with their impressively ergo-dynamic shape which aims at providing seasoned plastic surgeons with an increased control during the injection process. Even the needles featured in every pack of Genoss’ trademark filler injections have been designed and developed by its in-house experts to guarantee a pain-free treatment experience for each patient who wishes to say goodbye to superficial lines, middle wrinkles and severe folds appearing on the face as a part of the natural aging process.

The company’s exceptionally effective HA fillers are the only ones to rely on a so-called HyBRID Technology. This is a one-of-a-kind production method that gives the injectable gel a uniform, resilient yet easy to mold texture. This, along with the fact that each of Genoss’ reliable cosmetic rejuvenating products contains quality Hyaluronic Acid of a non-animal origin, means that patients do not need to worry about overfilling, side effects or long recovery time. These cutting-edge anti-wrinkle solutions are found to be particularly effective when it comes to the minimally invasive removal of perioral lines, crow’s feet and frown lines, as well as during non-surgical facial contouring procedures aiming to enhance the appearance of cheeks or to improve the oval of the face.

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