NewFace Laboratories is a dependable producer of high-quality aesthetic medicine products and one of its top priorities is to design and manufacture solutions of a brand-new category – such that can meet patients’ unmet needs. This ambitious South Korean company is probably best-known for its DA-based fat-dissolving injection Kabelline which you can quickly order from Medisilk at a competitive and budget-friendly price.

NewFace Laboratories strives to offer patients and cosmetic surgeons a new way to manage common aesthetic problems. Its superb lipolytic injections Kabelline are a successful example namely of that. With them, this revolutionary biopharmaceutical company offers a new, easier and more effective way to battle stubborn fat deposits in the face and the body. To achieve this seemingly impossible feat, the company has harnessed all of its vast experience, groundbreaking technology, and insightful research. As a result, unlike most other best-selling contouring serums, Kabelline relies on the fat-resolving properties of both Deoxycholic Acid (DA) and a process known as Hypotonic Lipodissolution. DA is a harmless and biocompatible substance that has been FDA-approved since it has impressively robust fat-burning powers and no side effects. As for Hypotonic Lipodissolution, it helps cells to absorb and eliminate water that is being retained in the body and that delivers a faster and longer-lasting fat dissolving results.

Since NewFace Laboratories’ top-rated fat burning products are applied via injection, qualified plastic surgeons can directly use them for the slimming of specific zones of the body and the face which are typically tricky or even impossible to treat through other weight-loss procedures such as liposuction, for instance. That makes the company’s innovative products so suitable for the minimally invasive reduction of chubby cheeks, double chin, muffin edges, abdomen fat and stubborn fat deposits on the arms, hips, back, etc. Because of the mild, non-toxic formula of all purified fat-dissolving serums by this biopharmaceutical giant, patients have the freedom and flexibility to easily combine them with other anti-cellulite and weight loss solutions like physical exercise, diets and more.

It should also be explained that while NewFace Laboratories has established itself as a clear leader in the field of non-surgical lipolysis, it is also working extensively in various other aesthetic medicine fields. For example, it has done an excellent job of creating various outstanding polymer-based products. In addition to that, it has developed several new-generation production technologies among which are its Collagenesis-Enabled Solubilized Active Biodegradable Polymer Technology (CESABP) which boosts collagen production in the skin or its Biostimulation-Enabled Solubilized Active Biodegradable Polymer Technology (BERAT) which gives its cosmetic products fantastic lifting and skin rejuvenating powers.

This is a patient-centered company that prefers to avoid aggressive treatment methods and instead focuses on crafting all-natural aesthetic medicine solutions. Its Kabelline-branded injectables are actually categorized as homeopathic fat-resolving serums which makes them so safe to inject into the abdomen, chin, cheeks, thighs and various other parts of the body and the face.

If you want to experience a more risk-free side of modern anti-obesity and anti-cellulite products, purchase NewFace Laboratories’ exquisite solutions from Medisilk’s online store.

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