The sky has no limit for Revitacare because this France-based cosmetic, biotechnological company has a truly versatile portfolio of top-class aesthetic medicine products and medical devices developed to provide patients with an instant body restructuration, effective hair loss treatment, comprehensive skin rejuvenation and more. There are not many qualified online retailers and wholesale distributors that offer the company’s impressive collection in its near-complete form but you can bet that Medisilk is among them.

Revitacare is one of the most famous and successful French biotech companies in the world. It was originally established in 2003 and from the very beginning, it has always strictly complied with the Global Manufacturing and Cosmetic Manufacturing Practices to ensure that its products offer nothing short of premium quality, unmatched safety and fantastic durability.

The main ingredient which the company uses in the making of its pioneering aesthetic medicine products is Hyaluronic Acid of a non-animal origin. That is not very surprising given that this is a substance which is freely found in the human body and it is widely known for having outstanding skin rejuvenating, hydrating, anti-wrinkle and anti-aging properties. Revitacare’s HA-based solutions, however, are extra special because they rely on a modified and excellently optimized formula that contains a cutting-edge rejuvenating complex and an extremely resilient Hyaluronic Acid gel that delivers longer-lasting treatment results even after just one injection session.

Revitacare has created several world-class dermal fillers and risk-free mesotherapy injections and it has divided them into three separate product categories: 1) Rejuvenation; 2) Hair Care; 3) Body Restructuration. The first group features top-selling Revitacare Bio-Revitalization serum and several other patient-friendly mesotherapy solutions that aim at delivering rapid correction of superficial lines and wrinkles and do an amazing job at improving skin’s hydro balance, elasticity, radiance, and tonicity through the natural rejuvenating powers of purified HA and a cutting-edge anti-aging complex.

The company’s advanced hair restoration range, on the other hand, consists of just one product – Revitacare HairCare. But this magnificent absorbable implant can address many different hair and scalp concerns caused by various factors such as stress, eczema, iron deficiency, psoriasis, hormonal imbalance, etc. Thanks to its tailored mix of B group vitamins, amino acids, Hyaluronic Acid, and Zinc, it rehydrates the scalp, prevents hair loss and hair breakage.

If you thought that this was impressive, wait until you hear about this modern biotech giant’s Body Restructuration range! It consists of two main products – StretchCare and CelluCare. Both have HA and micronutrients as their key active ingredients. The latter, however, is designed as a non-surgical anti-cellulite injectable serum. In order to visibly reduce the appearance of cellulite, it triggers a process of lipolysis which quickly dissolves fat, effectively eliminates annoying cellulite nodes, boosts body’s microcirculation and even makes the texture of skin firmer and smoother. StretchCare has a different kind of a mission – it offers painless correction of stretch marks. The great thing about these two products is that they can easily be combined to achieve an all-around body restructuration result.

Revitacare also produces trusted skin fillers and innovative mesotherapy injections such as Somed and Otesaly. The company has released a ground-breaking face rejuvenating thread Silhouette Soft that can be used for low-risk rejuvenation of eyebrows, cheeks, neck and more.

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