With Sinclair, non-surgical skin rejuvenation comes in many different forms – from advanced cosmetic products for topical use to professional-grade dermal fillers. However, the end result is guaranteed to be long-lasting and risk-free because this revolutionary aesthetic medicine company never fails to deliver innovative wrinkle removal injectables, patient-friendly facial contouring solutions, and various breakthrough anti-aging products. Among them are renowned ranges like Perfectha, Ellanse, and Perfectha Perfect each of which can be found on Medisilk’s catalog.

Sinclair is a rapidly-evolving and people-driven company that is officially one of Huadong Medicine Ltd.’s subsidiaries. Currently, it is headquartered in London but it has always been focused on developing and designing high-quality aesthetic medical devices like easy-to-use sutures and top-tier skin rejuvenating solutions among which are long-lasting soft-tissue filler injections. So far, it has managed to successfully create and market not one but several world-class product lines or namely its highly stable PCL dermal fillers Ellanse, safe HA skin fillers Perfectha, fast-selling skincare range for topical application Perfectha Perfect, as well as pioneering reabsorbable threads Silhouette Soft that can be used during reconstructive and cosmetic surgery.

The company’s Ellanse line-up features some of the world’s best Polycaprolactone dermal fillers. The unique thing about them is that they take this form of minimally invasive anti-aging treatment to a brand-new level. That is because they are simply excellent at instantly correcting facial wrinkles and depressions, as well as delivering patients with a painless enhancement of chins, lips, and cheeks or nose reshaping and jawline contouring. These superb PCL-based filler injections also have biostimulating and healing powers since they swiftly increase collagen and elastin synthesis rates in the skin.

Sinclair is also widely praised for its non-animal Hyaluronic Acid fillers from its Perfectha range. On one hand, they are unbelievably safe since they contain a barely traceable amount of BDDE residue and the HA in their composition has been proven to be 100% biologically compatible and health-friendly. On the other hand, they get the job done by providing patients with immediate correction of lines and wrinkles (including brow furrows, lines around the mouth, nasolabial folds) and an exceptionally balanced facial sculpting (spanning from lip plumping to cheeks and chin augmentation). In comparison to most other HA-based dermal fillers, these can last for about 18 months, making the treatment more hassle-free and wallet-friendly for patients as they do not need to undergo maintenance sessions every 3-4 months as it usually the case. Such premium quality can only be achieved by well-trained and very experienced aesthetic medicine experts which is probably why Sinclair relies on recognized Laboratory ObvieLine when it comes to the production of this particular product line. As a result, every one of the company’s France-made skin rejuvenating injectables relies on a proprietary E-BRID Technology. With it, certified plastic surgeons can offer patients a custom-tailored anti-aging treatment.

Medisilk is one of the top distributors of Sinclair’s top-performing cosmetic rejuvenation products. Do not hesitate to count on us to order solutions from its Perfectha, Perfectha Perfect, Ellanse or Silhouette Soft line-ups.

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