Restylane Lyps Lidocaine – ex Lip Volume (1 x 1ml)


Restylane Lyps Lidocaine is specifically formulated to create volume in the lips in harmony with their natural movements. The hyaluronic acid dermal filler can also be used for vermilion border correction and smoothing of the laugh lines. The local anesthetic Lidocaine ensures more comfortable and painless treatment of the sensitive lip area.

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    The lips are the most vulnerable part of the face. As we age, they lose elasticity and become thinner and dry. Moreover, they are constantly exposed to environmental influences such as sun, wind or cold and repeated facial expressions.

    Restylane Lyps Lidocaine is developed through the Optimal Balance Technology TM and the result is a soft gel texture that is evenly distributed for a natural softer look. The softer gel texture of Restylane Lyps Lidocaine is achieved by fewer cross-links between hyaluronic acid molecules in order to provide volume and definition.

    Restylane Lyps with Lidocaine dermal filler is intended for:

    • Lip augmentation;
    • Vermilion border correction;
    • Smoothing of laugh lines;
    • Painless and comfortable treatment;

    Contents of the package:

    Hyaluronic Acid (non-cross linked) containing 0,3% lidocaine

    1 x 1.0ml syringes

    Duration of the effect of Restylane Lyps Lidocaine:

    The results are visible immediately after treatment and can last from 6 to 9 months and in some patients – even up to a year. This period varies depending on age, skin type, stress factors and injection technique used by the practitioner.

    Adverse Effects:

    Possible side effects such as mild itchiness, tenderness, redness, swelling or bruising may occur shortly after injection. They disappear without a trace within 48 hours.

    Additional information

    Weight 0.07 kg

    Syringes – 1 x 1,0 ml

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