Bodyshape Pro HIFU & Vacuum for Body Shaping


BodyShape Pro is a professional cosmetic system that takes full advantage of the innovative HIFU technology (High Intensity Focused Ultrasound). It gives doctors and cosmetic professionals to effectively remove fat tissues. Additionally, the machine has vacuum suction. The technology allows for focused ultrasound energy to be pointed at a precise depth into the fat layer, below the skin, all the while the vacuum head sucks the skin and tissues in, to ensure better energy penetration. The direct result of this treatment is the effective destruction of fat cells. A major advantage is the non-invasive character of the fat removal procedure, that is very safe for the patient (and quite comfortable).

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The BodyShape Pro HIFU machine can be used for professional shaping of the abdomen, the stomach, thighs etc.

Work principle

Using the vacuum head, tissue and skin are sucked in, which allows for better penetration of the HIFU energy. Penetration depth can be adjusted from the machine. The control and precision of tissue targeting is much better than traditional methods. Overall, it is a mechanical method for destruction of fat cells, but extra safe. Post treatment, the dissolved fat tissue residue is safely disposed by the body. Tissues adjacent to the treated area are not affected by the treatment.

Additional information

Weight30 kg
Ultrasound operation frequency


Focal depth


Treatment energy level

1~4 levels

Treatment mode

Pulsed mode

Minimum Vacuum Pressure

> 40 Kpa

Tip size

105mm x 105mm x 165mm

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