EsBond Light Cured Bonding Agent


A results of years of development, this fifth generation of production boding agent, can be utilized by dentists to bond any class of direct composite restorations to dentin and enamel. Further the EsBond Light Cured Bonding Agent can be used for composite, treated porcelain and set amalgam.

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    EsBond, an acetone based adhesive, is appropriate for all direct composite restorations, but also for indirect restorative cementation of metal, porcelain and composite (including repairs to such). Product can be characterized by its superior bonding strength and the special wet bonding system.


    1. Minimizing the tooth reduction, prepare the cavity
    2. Add etchant to the enamel / dentin and wait it for 15 seconds
    3. Rinse the treated spot using water for ten seconds and then, if needed, use a cotton pellet to blot the excessive water away
    4. Once the area is dry, apply 2 or 3 coats of esBond the etched enamel and dentin; wait for another 15 seconds
    5. Make sure the solvents are evaporated with 5 seconds of air drying
    6. Light cure the area (10 to 20 seconds)
    7. Apply the restorative materials


    5 ml x 1 bottle

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