EsTemp Eugenol Cement


The EsTemp temporary cement from, is a zinc oxide based product. Appropriate usage includes crown and bridges temporary cementation. Additionally, very good for inlays/onlays and both provisional and permanent restoration cementation.

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One of the main advantages of the EsTemp is how easy the substance is to mix, using it’s simple to operate zero-loss syringe. For extra ease, it’s possible to apply an auto-mixing tip to it. The product has good flowability and low thickness values of the film. Removal is also virtually non-problematic.


  1. Start by drying the prepared teeth and the internal surface of the restoration
  2. Apply some of the EsTemp Eugenol to an appropriate surface like a mixing pad
  3. Take a spatula and use it to mix the base and the catalyst for half a minute
  4. Once ready, apply the material you got to the internal surfaces of the temporary restoration
  5. Place the restoration firmly I the mouth of the patient
  6. Once finished, remove excess amounts of the cement


2 x 10g Syringes, 2 Eco Tips

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