VioSeal Canal Sealing Material


VioSeal is an epoxy resin-based material for filling and sealing of the root canal. Product is used for permanent root canal obturation. It can lubricate and seal gutta-percha points and serve as an adhesion between them and the root canal walls.

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    VioSeal is a canal sealing material with superior biocompatibility and radiopacity. Use it to achieve tight sealing via the simple to mix and use paste. Product will insoluble in tissue fluid and acts as an antimicrobial agent.


    Preparing the canal:

    1. Make sure the root canal is completely prepared and irrigated via the standard endodontic techniques
    2. Remove  any liquids from the canals and use absorbent paper points to dry them out
    3. Choose and ready a sterile master gutta percha cone for each of the treated canals


    1. Take of the cap of the syringe and expend a small amount, mixing equal parts of base and catalyst
    2. Mix on a pad with a mixing tip or do it manually, using a spatula to mix the VioSeal for 15 to 20 seconds, until you get a homogeneous and even color of the mixture
    3. Apply a thin layer of the canal sealing material to the master gutta-percha cone and carefully put it into the canal
    4. If necessary, you can insert more gutta-percha points into the canal, via standard condensation techniques
    5. Excess gutta-percha should be trimmed; any amount of extra sealer, can be removed using cotton ball or swab, after a minor amount of vertical condensation is applied
    6.  Once you’re done applying the VioSeal sealing material, take the mixing/eco tip from the syringe and clean any sealant left outside
    7. Place the cap and put the syringe in a cool dry place

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