When we talk about recognized and innovative healthcare companies, Merz Pharma Group is among the first that come to mind. With various medical achievements and breakthroughs, Merz is a name associated with revolutionary and durable skin fillers like those from its Radiesse line. They have the power to immediately remove wrinkles, restore lost volume and increase the production of collagen in the skin. Medisilk is a top distributor of the company’s pioneering cosmetic rejuvenation products.

Merz Pharma Group is based in Germany’s largest city, Frankfurt, and it is one of the oldest healthcare companies in the world. Founded well over a century ago, it is responsible for the development of a truly impressive portfolio of new-generation products. Some notable mentions here feature Xeomin and Bocouture, prime-class Botulinum injections. It is also widely famous for producing the world’s very first Alzheimer’s drug. Throughout its incredibly long history, the company has also managed to win various awards for its findings and products in the field of healthcare and aesthetic medicine. And today, its masterpieces are available on more than 90 countries in almost every corner of the world and it has teamed up with large and dependable affiliate companies in Asia, North America, Europe, and South America.

But the reason why we, at Medisilk, turn your attention to Merz has more to do with its top-performing dermal fillers. Unlike most other top-notch skin rejuvenating products from this type, its optimized anti-aging injectables are based not on Hyaluronic Acid but on modified Calcium Hydroxylapatite. That makes them several times more durable. As a result, board-certified cosmetic surgeons can swiftly correct a long list of wrinkles and lines (shallow, medium or severe marionette lines, chin wrinkles, smile lines, etc.) and offer their patients natural-looking results that will remain visible for a full year. Since health-friendly CaHA filler injections contain a gel that has microspheres, they are able to also restore volume in the face that has been lost as part of the aging process and to also stimulate the body to produce more elastin and collagen in the skin. Thanks to the latter effect of the company’s best-selling soft-tissue fillers, patients enjoy a rejuvenated, refreshed and smoothened appearance even after the CaHA gel has completely degraded.

Radiesse is the flagship filler range of Merz Aesthetics and it was first released on the global market back in 2010. The products featured in this line have been approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration which is a sure sign that they are extremely safe and more than capable of delivering guaranteed patient satisfaction. Furthermore, this German healthcare company develops and manufactures the only FDA-approved skin filler in the world that can be used for minimally invasive hands rejuvenation. When injected into the skin at the back of the hands, it quickly reduces the appearance of veins and wrinkles there, proving patients with the extra confidence they need.

Medisilk is among the leading online retailers and wholesale distributors that sell Merz’s effective Calcium Hydroxylapatite soft-tissue fillers among which are those from its highly-rated Radiesse line-up.

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