FineEtch Etching Gel


FineEtch is a 37% phosphoric acid etching semi-gel dental product. It can be utilized for the pre-treatment phase to strengthen the bond formed between the resin and the tooth. The gel is highly bio-compatible and leaves no residue once rinsed with water.

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The viscosity of the FineEtch etching gel is very good. It’s very effective in the removal of smear layers, providing excellent bonding surface on dentin, enamel or dental pots.


  1. Prepared the cavity by cleaning and drying it
  2. Depending whether enamel or dentin, etch the whole cavity for 20 or 10 second respectively
  3. Suck out the etching gel and rinse for 15 seconds


5 ml x 3 syringes, tips​

1.2ml x 4 syringes, tips

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