I-SiL Light Body Fast Set A-Silicone


Fast Set is the variation of the Light Body A-silicone, which has a shorter setting time than the normal version. This product is characterized by its low viscosity and light consistency. Usage is in the field of dental impressions – inlays and onlays.

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Light Body silicone can be used for crown, bridge and implant impressions by dentists. Like the other products of the line, this is a thixotropic silicone with superior hydrophilicity. Its physical properties are notable for the dimensional stability, resistance to tearing and its ability to recover after deformation. Working time of the silicone is 40 seconds and time needed for setting – 2 minutes.


  1. Start by placing the I-SiL Light Body cartridge into the dispenser
  2. A gentle squeeze will help the base and catalyst drain together without blockage
  3. Best mixing can be achieved by slowly pressing the trigger
  4. Once mixed, put the materials on the tray
  5. Make sure the tray is properly seated during working time
  6. Remove tray when the setting time has passed

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