Allergan – even if this is the very first time in which you hear this name, chances are you are already familiar with top-tier aesthetic medicine products and devices created by this company. Notable mentions here include first-class Botulinum injection Botox, well-recommended Hyaluronic Acid fillers Juvederm and budget-friendly skin filler injections Surgiderm. Allergan’s family is large and super successful. That is why Medisilk has allocated a special spot for it on its online store.

Allergan was originally a US pharmaceutical company that was established by a pharmacist named Gavin S. Herbert. That happened almost 70 years ago. Even though its headquarters were moved to Ireland’s Dublin a few years ago, this has not prevented it from continuing to offer the fastest-selling products for non-surgical cosmetic rejuvenation. This reputable pharmaceutical giant now works across all over the world and its professional-grade anti-aging products are available in over 100 countries.

Botox is one of the most iconic masterpieces crafted by this company. It is officially the most popular Botulinum toxin injection in the world. In fact, it is so popular that people often use its name when they want to generally refer to Botulinum-based products or the treatments in which they are applied. But given that Botox is the world’s first and only such injectable to be FDA-approved for the effective removal of medium to deep crow’s feet, frown lines and forehead wrinkles, such mistakes are understandable. They are also widely considered to be the safest Botulinum products because they have been around for such a long time that they have become the most extensively tested solution of this category. The fact that Allergan works in full accordance with the GMP or the Global Manufacturing Practice further boosts patients’ and plastic surgeons’ confidence in this leading brand.

Juvederm is another jewel in the crown of this Dublin-based company. It is often called the world’s most famous soft-tissue filler for lip enhancement. That is true and so is the fact that this brand has one of the most comprehensive HA filler ranges today. The products featured in it tackle a lengthy list of aesthetic problems particularly such caused by the natural aging process. For example, Juvederm’s Volume range instantly corrects lost volume in the face by plumping and hydrating the skin through the unique powers of Hyaluronic Acid – a biopolymer that is biocompatible, bio-absorbable and biodegradable. The brand’s Ultra line, on the other hand, focuses on the immediate but long-lasting reduction of superficial to medium wrinkles such as smile lines. Also part of the family is the Volbella line-up that consists of premium-quality filler injections that have no problem smoothening those zones of the face that tend to be rather difficult to treat because of the thin and delicate skin there such as the perioral and periorbital areas.

Allergan does not spare expense in its effort to improve its pioneering cosmetic rejuvenation products. That is why it has developed and patented a number of advanced production methods such as the 3D Hyaluronic Acid Matrix Technology which it uses to make the Surgiderm fillers more resilient or the Hylacross Technology on which it relies to produce its high-viscosity HA injectables Juvederm. All of these products can be purchased via Medisilk.

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