Swedish-based biotechnological company Bohus BioTech stands out among its competitors because it relies on a remarkable experience, innovative technology, and second-to-none manufacturing facilities to create some of the most pioneering medical products and devices used in modern-day aesthetic medicine. It seems to have a soft spot for professional-grade HA fillers because they rank among its most successful and best-selling inventions. Medisilk distributes the company’s premium-quality Decoria range.

Do not assume that this is just another company that makes effective dermal fillers that are based on Hyaluronic Acid. Bohus BioTech goes much further than that. It has embraced a very innovative approach in the development of this type of highly-approved anti-aging products and it has called it SpheriSized Technology. With it, the biotech giant successfully produces longer-lasting soft-tissue filler injections that have a spherical rather than an angular rhomb shape as it is the case in nearly all other solutions in this field. Therefore, patients get to enjoy the amazing skin rejuvenating and rehydrating properties of Hyaluronic Acid as soon as the product is applied in their dermis. Board-certified cosmetic surgeons also appreciate this characteristic since it allows them to have more control over the implant gel and to easily remodel it to achieve the desired results.

If you have already browsed through Medisilk’s online store, you may have noticed that Bohus BioTech’s Decoria brand consist of just two main products – Decoria Essence and Decoria Intense. That, however, does not mean that trained aesthetic dermatologists and plastic surgeons can’t rely on them to deliver an all-around anti-wrinkle treatment. These two robust skin fillers provide a natural-looking reduction of fine, medium and deep wrinkles and folds and they have an effects longevity of 6-12 months. But the one thing that those Decoria-branded solutions do better than most other modified filler injections is to safely smooth and fill skin depressions and lines appearing on thin-skin facial zones such as the forehead and the perioral area. Those are also some of the most mobile parts of the human body making them an even greater challenge during a minimally invasive anti-wrinkle treatment of this kind. But since Bohus BioTech has been smart enough to include sodium chloride and a physiological buffer to its products, they easily manage such tricky tasks with astounding ease. As a result, its inexpensive soft-tissue fillers can also be injected into the upper or the lower lip to provide patients with a balanced augmentation of lips.

We, from Medisilk, distribute and deliver Bohus BioTech’s groundbreaking skin rejuvenating products in their original boxes. Every package has all necessary markings and it comes fully sealed. The company holds a long list of quality certificates among which are MDD 93/94/EEC and EN ISO 13485 and it has an excellent performance record. And when two such client-focused companies cross paths, there is no doubt that the end result will always be 100% satisfaction. Put those claims to the test by simply ordering any one of the giant’s exceptional products at an exclusively low price and with swift international shipping.

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