Radiesse is a soft tissue filler used to plump the skin and restore its natural volume. This dermal filler provides immediate results and by continued usage, it starts to stimulate the production of natural collagen in the body. As we age, natural collagen slowly breaks down, which results in the loss of skin volume and elasticity. This is when wrinkles, fine lines and folds form, giving skin tired and saggy look. Radiesse reduces wrinkles and in long-term improves the skin quality by stimulating collagen production.

Radiesse dermal filler injectables provide instant results by correcting imperfections, adding volume to the skin and providing a lifting effect. Moreover, it stimulates skin to produce its natural collagen in the way that the body metabolizes the CaHA-microspheres by its normal processes over the following weeks, once the gel gets absorbed. Radiesse fillers are used to treat cheeks, marionette lines, nasolabial folds, jawline and mandibular angle, chin and hands. It is the first and only dermal filler for hands that is approved by US FDA.

The reliable dermal fillers by Radiesse offer long-lasting facial and hand rejuvenation results. Usually, treatment with the brand’s top-quality products comes with a half-life of about 12 months. This is the average amount of time for which the Calcium Hydroxyapatite in this its injectable gel dissolves into the soft tissue. That is why patients wishing to prolong the therapy’s anti-aging effects need to speak with their medical practitioner and to schedule a maintenance appointment. But even when the volumizing and filling properties of CaHA begin to gradually wear off, the production of collagen stimulated by the special microspheres in these innovative soft-tissue fillers will remain strong, preserving the skin’s newly-improved elasticity, hydro balance, and youthful glow.

Another interesting fact about Radiesse is that it is a brand by Merz Aesthetics – one of the most reputable and trusted biotech giants in the world. It has an impressive experience in the sphere of professional skin fillers and among its other masterpieces are HA-based filler injections Belotero. With such an ambitious company behind its back, it comes as no surprise that Radiesse’s effective anti-wrinkle products have received several prestigious awards during their decade-long history. The stellar market performance of this brand has a lot to do with the triple action of its CaHA-based implant gels. When injected into the dermis, these revolutionary anti-aging solutions: 1) instantly correct volume loss and reduce the appearance of veins and tendons on the skin; 2) safely smooth mid-to-deep folds and wrinkles (e.g. chin lines, smile lines, nasolabial folds, marionette lines, etc.); 3) provide patients with a long-term cosmetic rejuvenation by increasing the production of collagen.

A while ago, Merz Aesthetics expanded its line of risk-free CaHA skin fillers by releasing lidocaine-infused Radiesse options. They too are offered in prefilled single-use syringes and have the same anti-wrinkle properties as their predecessors. The presence of this local anesthetic in their formula does not affect their performance in any way, it simply helps patients receive a painless and discomfort-free treatment. We, at Medisilk, distribute all the main products by this recommended brand. Rely on us, to get the best CaHA dermal fillers for wrinkle reduction and volume loss correction.

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