How Long Does Juvederm Last?

Juvederm dermal fillers rank among the most effective products for minimally-invasive cosmetic rejuvenation. Given the many advantages that they offer, this is not hard to understand. These Hyaluronic Acid injectables are:

  • FDA-approved
  • Characterized by an incredibly high concentration of cross-linked HA gel
  • Versatile
  • Very long-lasting

The last of these benefits has played a crucial role in pushing this line-up to the prestigious title “world’s top-selling skin filler range.” Even though Juvederm injections are based on HA which is typically dissolved by the body within 3-4 months, some of the products by this brand are as durable as semi-permanent fillers. So, how long does Juvederm last after all?

How much is Juvederm and how long does it last?

If you are wondering how much will Juvederm cost you, continue reading. The price of dermal fillers ranges greatly based on their concentration and properties, as well as on the retailers that offer them. The cheapest injectables from the line are the type that targets fine lines or are designed to hydrate the skin. On the higher end of the price spectrum are products like Juvederm Volbella and Juvederm Voluma which focus on correcting specific cosmetic concerns – plumping of lips and enhancement of cheeks and chin, respectively. Therefore, the price here tends to range from about $60-$275 per syringe. Costs often go south in November, when many retailers roll out their special pre-holiday deals. But a treatment with any of the soft-tissue fillers by this brand is always more expensive because a certified plastic surgeon charges for the work and expertise they bring to the procedure. According to the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, the average for doctor fees per skin care procedure with a Juvederm filler injection is $671. Although that may sound quite expensive, it is still considerably cheaper compared to other anti-aging procedures. A PLLA filler injection such as Sculptra, for instance, will set you back by almost $1,000, while non-surgical fat reduction will cost you an average of $1,559 and laser treatments like laser skin resurfacing – $2,601.

Doctor injecting patient's forehead

In terms of durability, this product also has the upper hand as its effect lasts for an average of up to 18 months. In contrast, most Hyaluronic Acid filler injections are fully dissolved by the body within 4-6 months after the treatment. Therefore, the longer-lasting results offered by this product provide long-term benefits to patients, including reduced maintenance costs.

How long does Juvederm Ultra last?

Juvederm Ultra is a subrange that is incredibly versatile as it can be used for the correction of lines, wrinkles and folds of any severity. Also, if you are looking for a lip filler Juvederm – these are the products you should be focusing on. The 1 ml lip fillers by this brand include:

But how long do lip fillers last? Even the milder and softer filler options here, like Ultra XC which treats medium lines and wrinkles around the eyes and the mouth and it plumps lips, last as long as 9-12 months. Most of them will deliver treatment results of up to 18 months, which is a hard-to-find property in a dermal filler targeting those aesthetic problems.

What is the longest-lasting filler?

Out of all skin fillers from this product range, Juvederm Voluma XC lasts the longest. This cosmetic rejuvenation solution is specially developed to treat volume loss in the midface and it can lift and improve the contour of the cheeks. It lasts for up to 2 years after just one injection.

Are there dermal fillers that last longer than Juvederm?

Yes, there are dermal fillers that last longer than Juvederm but, for the most part, they do not contain Hyaluronic Acid and they are categorized as semi-permanent ones. Sculptra is a well-known PLLA filler injectable that restores lost volume in the face by encouraging natural collagen production. It lasts about 24 months which is also the time that Juvederm Voluma XC needs to biodegrade. Yet, it is not suitable for the treatment of wrinkles around the mouth and the lips. Other select temporary fillers known for their impressive durability are Restylane, Belotero Balance and Revolax Deep but they are absorbed by the body in 12-18 months. This means that Juvederm hardly has any competition among its rival HA filler injectable gels when it comes to results duration.

How often can you get Juvederm?

Since Juvederm has such lasting skin care results, people undergoing a treatment with it can have touch-up appointments every 6-12 months instead of every 3-4 months as it is typically the case with this and other types of injectable products designed to remove facial lines and wrinkles (including with Botox). Still, that period may vary from patient to patient as the longevity of the effects also depends on the severity of the cosmetic concern, the treated area, sun exposure, etc. If you are not sure when to have your maintenance procedure, contact your clinician and ask for a consultation. Your doctor will make sure you learn the answers to all your questions and help you enjoy your smooth skin for longer.

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